India is the diabetes capital of the world

Many years ago when in college (BJ MEDical college pune and GMC Nagpur ) I saw patients with diabetes and the way in which theypresented with different complications(eyes/foot/infections/heart/kidneys).This was an eye opener .My first step towards diabetes care began there.
There was distress/pain /misery and tons of hope from the patient. At times it was too late for anything to be done medically or surgically.
Patients had to undergo amputations,loose their eyes and many eventually landed up in kidney failureand then there was no end to dialysis.
There is financial and emotional drain in patients family.
There islack of knowledge about diabetes and profuse neglect about self care.patients did not know what diabetes is , leave alone the dos and donts even though they were suffering from diabetes for years togethrtr. the eating habits in india with so many festivals and fasting make the sugar levels fluctuate
This made me feel the need and the urge to do something in the diabetes field in terms of patient awareness and education.
Lets hope this initiative helps all people with diabetes or not, and hope all of you give your best and best wishes to defeat diabetes.

Diabetes Risk Factors

photo All people in the society should undergo testing for diabetes if they have any of the above risk factors for Diabetes

  • Individual with positive family history of diabetes
  • Over weight individuals
  • Person who has high blood pressure or hyperlipidemia
  • Those with previous bad obstetric history
  • Those under mental stress
  • Physically inactive people (sedentary jobs)