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Monitoring your diabetes

Monitoring is a powerful tool in tracking and controlling your blood sugar levels which prevent development of complications
Regular monitoring shows benefits of lifestyle changes
Prompt treatment changes if required
About your complications
Do not rely on how you feel, your blood glucose levels may be higher than normal and yet you may feel fine.
Record keeping is very essential for you because it helps your doctor to monitor and control your blood glucose levels and avoid associated complications.
Regular follow up with your doctor is advicable not only to monitor you blood glucose levels butalso to keep track of your health and avoid complication

Interval Test
Monthly BSL Fasting
BSL Post Prandial
Blood pressure
3 Monthly Urine
6 Monthly Glycated Haemoglobin
Lipid profile
Yearly Haemogram
Kidney function
Foot care
2 D Echo / TMT
(as required)
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