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One of the greatest weapons in the fight against diabetes is knowledge. Information can help people access the risk of diabetes, motivate them to seek proper treatment and care and inspire them to take charge of their disease for a lifetime.

The mission remains

To prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lifes of all affected by diabetes

By controlling diabetes through healthy living you can prevent or delay many of the complications of diabetes.

Living with diabetes is not much different than living a healthy lifestyle. Your eating and exercise plans are the same as anyone who wants to be healthy. Although you cant cure diabetes, through healthy living you can keep it under control.
When you or someone you love has diabetes, you discover that you must think about a part of life that others take for granted. Your never changing goal becomes reaching a subtle balance between glucose and insulin .The more you learn about diabetes the better you can be at your balancing diabetes act and the better you can understand your life shared by this chronic disease.


Diabetes is a chronic disease in which the body does not make enough of or does not properly use insulin . As a result, the blood sugar (glucose) is higher than normal giving the diagnosis of diabetes. Glucose is one of the important body fuels for the energy needs. When insulin is absent or ineffective the blood glucose levels rise in a sustained fashion. High blood glucose levels can lead to both short and long term problems.

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